Pop Culture Report

BrodyBlog Pop CultureDoes anyone else like me look forward to New Music Tuesday on iTunes?  I can sometimes spend hours looking for artists I’ve never heard of.  Now with Genius and the recommendations Apple offers, it makes my searching much easier.  Nevertheless, it’s time for another round The BrodyBlog Pop Culture Report.

Yours Truly

  • Music – Mute Math “Armistice” – Mute Math is what I like to call a “Beer” band.  They definitely require an acquired taste, but if you give this album a listen, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Watching – Mad Men – I know I’ve already posted about this, but it’s the best show out there no one has ever watched.
  • Movie – Shutter Island – I don’t like scary movies, not because they’re scary, but because they’re dumb, boring, unrealistic, the list goes on.  But with Scorcese and DiCaprio teaming up again, this one looks pretty interesting.
  • Wish List – Suzuki Quad Racer – What guy living in Arkansas doesn’t need a nice four-wheeler.
  • iPhone App – CNN – The best news app on the iPhone.  No question.


  • Movie – Disney Classics – Call me a kid, but these are kind of fun to watch.  It’s amazing that cartoons from the 50’s are still interesting to kids in the 21st Century.
  • Wish List – Zhu Zhu Hamster – Brody is absolutely enamored with the Hamster that lives at his friends down the street.  Unfortunately for him, Cassie and I are anti-rodent kind of people.  This will just have to do.
  • Hot Topic – State Fair “I wonder if dad’s gonna bring enough cash to the State Fair.  I really want a giant stuffed Curious George.”
  • iPhone App – Skee Ball – All you need is the flick of the finger.

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